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Listen Online to Christian testimonies of healing via prayer presented in English: click here.  Titles for programs are listed below. Programs change weekly and can be “played” anytime during its listed week.
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01/21/2017 #1703 The richness in a life of giving

01/28/2017 #1704 But what about evil?

02/04/2017 #1705 Freedom from worry

02/11/2017 #1706 Looking for love? Have you tried going straight to the Source?

02/18/2017 #1707 God’s guidance in life’s details

02/25/2017 #1708 Spiritual healing and what makes it work

Escuche testimonios cristianos de curación en españól en-línea cuando está enfrentando desafíos diarios y severos en a clicking here y entonces de inicio al reproductor de audio.

(01/21/2016) HSPR – 1703: Dios siempre responde ante desastres (God always responds in times of disaster)

(01/28/2017) HSPR – 1704: Cómo Dios guía y cambia nuestra vida (How God guides and changes our lives)

(02/04/2017) HSPR – 1706: Dios nos fortalece en toda edad (God strength is ours at any age)

(02/11/2017) HSPR – 1707: No estamos indefensos (We are not defenseless)

(02/18/2017) HSPR – 1708: El rol de la confianza en la curación espiritual (The role of trust in spiritual healing)

(02/25/2017) HSPR – 1709: No espere para cambiar (Don´t put off what needs changing)