Churches & Reading Rooms in Colorado


How to Use This Map

If you know the city in which you hope to find a reading room or church,  you can use the directory at the right (click on an entry).  The Blue pins on the map are for reading rooms (stand alone or in a church).  Red pins are for churches, which sometime include a  reading room. Their hours of operation will be found on the individual detail pages or by calling ahead. To be able to distinguish individual pins on the Map, you may have to Zoom in several times via the Plus button in the lower right corner of the map. If you roll your mouse over a pin, it will show you whose pin you have. If you click-on a pin, it will provide address, phone and possibly more info (email, website, photo).

Reading Rooms are both a community bookstore and a center for exploration of spirituality, prayer and healing. Among other items each Reading Room sells Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures authored by Mary Baker Eddy, Bibles, Bible research materials,  and the weekly edition of The Christian Science Monitor. Everyone is welcome, even if you just want to pray quietly by yourself in a safe environment.